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Risivonne Investments is a Software Development, Information Technology and Consultancy firm providing competitively priced services to companies in Kenya. Depending on the size and field of your organization, we have different products and services to meet your requirements.

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Organizations require creative and innovative solutions to their problems. We have highly dedicated teams ready to meet your expectations.


The rise of Start-up numbers has provided a ground for building new innovative solutions.


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We continually develop application optimisation and offer support in system management.


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We design cost effective tailor built, high performance software for organizations with high-end customized solutions.


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Hire our skilled IT teams for your software development projects.



Are you stuck? Reach out for our on demand consultancy services. We are here for you.



We have a highly skilled team of designers ready to assist in media content Development.



Manage your whole organization, from supply chain to sales with Enterprise Resource Planning.


Having trouble finding solutions? Worry not! Risivonne got you covered.We design, integrate, install and maintain software that support our clients operations.Reach out today and let us solve your issues permanently.

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Top 5 IT support issues with detailed solutions.

  • Cannot connect to the internet

    There are many possible causes and solutions to this problem. However the most common are that the computer is simply not connected to the network. If it is a wired network, the ethernet or fibre optic cable may have come unplugged from the computer, so check if that is plugged in. If it is a wireless network you may need to re-enter the security code in order to join the network due to an update or change in the network settings.

  • Most people will assume their PC is dead as soon as they see this, and it is unlikely that they will read what it says on the screen. Simply rebooting can fix the blue screen of death (or STOP error, as it is otherwise known). This problem is usually related to hardware or a driver that is not working correctly. It usually happens after you install a new piece of hardware or update some drivers. It’s helpful to tell your IT support helpdesk what you did just before the error occurred, then they can undo it or diagnose the problem.

  • The first step is to check the recycle bin. If that fails, your IT Support partner can help you. Good IT outsourcing companies will automatically back up all of your data, so anything you delete should be recoverable. Backup and disaster recovery solutions can restore your entire organisation’s data after a disaster – maximising business continuity.

  • Most commonly, being unable to print is due to two factors: the printer not being operational, or your computer not being connected to the printer. First check if the printer is turned on, and that it says on it's display: "Ready to print". If this is not working the printer is most likely powered off, or is broken, if this is the case you should contact ICT support staff. Next, click on print on microsoft office, and click "add new printer". This will search for wireless connections with nearby printers, and if the printer is operational, it should locate it and allow you to use it.

  • This is a common occurrence and can often send users into panic mode when they accidentally do it. However, all your work is not definitely lost. If you have Auto-Recover options enabled in Microsoft Office, then there are some easy steps to recover your work. If not, you can also search for Word backup files by clicking “open”, “computer” and then browsing to the folder where the file was last saved. You may also be able to find your file by performing a search on your computer for temporary files with a .tmp file extension or a ~ prefix.


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